Yoko Ono & Simon Freund – water sculpture, 2019 (PEACE is POWER – The Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig – WATER EVENT) – Concept / Idea – Email
Yoko Ono – PEACE is POWER – The Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig – WATER EVENT – Open Call
Yoko Ono & Simon Freund – water sculpture, 2019

From 04.04. until 07.07.2019, Japanese-American artist Yoko Ono is showing her exhibition ‘YOKO ONO – PEACE is POWER‘ at The Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig. For the exhibition, Yoko Ono invited German artists to co-create a sculpture with her as part of the WATER EVENT. Artists were asked to create a water container, or the concept of one, which would form one half of the sculpture; while Yoko Ono supplies the other half - water. Water sculpture by Yoko Ono and Simon Freund is the result of this collaboration. The concept is exhibited for the duration of the exhibition.

inkjet on A4 paper
Simon Freund
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