Last updated: 08.02.2022 – Lichtenberg Studios, Germany

What I’m Doing Now

– working on a short film* about me and my work, directed by Max Werdin
– collaborating with Carl BarenbrugAnders Tangen and Linn Spitz on a generative art NFT series for Minimalissimo
– promoting the become a patron concept
– planning a new conceptual photo series
– learning Arabic
– updating the payment method for become a patron

*funded by NEUSTART KULTUR & Stiftung Kunstfonds

What I’m constantly working on

– updating
– taking pictures of people for take a picture
– growing my pubic hair for Scham
– improving this website
– promoting the become a patron concept

upcoming travels

02.2022 – Berlin, Lichtenberg Studios
03.2022 – Cairo, Egypt

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