Simon Freund ’s work has been and always will be for free to be as accessible as possible. Thereby he is supported by the generosity of those who believe in the value of his work. To support his work, consider making a monthly contribution of 1€. You can cancel your subscription anytime 

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Why should I support Simon Freund?
There are many reasons why you should support the people around you. If you can’t find a reason why to support Simon Freund, probably you shouldn’t.

How can I make my contribution?
You can make your contribution online by using your credit card.

Can I contribute more than 1€ per month? 
No. As part of the concept you can, monetarily, only support Simon Freund with 1€ per month.

What happens with my money?
Once you made your contribution your money is transferred onto Freund’s bank account. Freund is the only one who can spend the money and he is always free to choose how to do so. Your money will support Freund with his daily expenses as well as financing his works of different scale. To be informed about new works and exhibitions as they happen, feel free to join Freund’s mailing list, where he regularly gives updates about his work, his life and upcoming exhibitions.

What happens to editions? Who will receive them?
If a work comes in an edition there is most likely a concept behind it. Freund generally believes in the idea that owning a work is not important for his work, so he would simply pass them on, to distribute them across the globe, to potentially make them available for exhibitions in the respective countries in the future. If you live outside of Germany and you would like to take on the responsibility to store and maintain one of Freunds work, please make sure to subscribe to his mailing list, to be notified as soon as a new edition has been released. Please note that you don’t need to make a contribution to receive an edition. There is no selection criteria other than to distribute the work as broad as possible (globally) and that the person truly cares about the work and about passing it on, as the opportunity appears.

How long does it take for my contribution to show on
To simplify the process your contributions are collectively transfered from the payment provider to Simon Freund’s bank account at the end of each month. Normally you should see a change on at the beginning of the month. However, it’s very likely that your contribution will directly be substracted from current expenses on the account.

How can I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription please send an email to

Other questions?
Please send an email to