17.11.2021, Genève, Switzerland
Simon Freund
After 6 years of not selling my work, I'm now selling my work as NFTs… Here is why:

short version

– I'm in desperate need for money (obviously)
– I'm now selling my work online as NFTs via Objkt.com and hicetnunc.art, both running on the Tezos blockchain
– my first NFT is titled Money Burns (A Hole In My Pocket) and it's available in an edition of 500 for 0.5 Tezos
– my work is still available for free for everyone online and offline
– to find out more about this journey, follow me on Twitter
– I also have an Instagram account, but you can't follow me there
– thank you for your support, this is just the beginning ❀️

long version

When I started making art in 2015 I did so because I wanted to leave the commercial world of the fashion business behind me. I was sick of selling stuff and I wanted to have less of everything, for myself and for the world around me. However, I still wanted to continue to create and I thought art would be the right medium. I applied for art school, received some government funding to pay for my studies and started my journey of becoming an artist. From the beginning, I was telling everyone that my art is not for sale and I tried to distribute it as broadly as possible, making it widely available for free mostly via the internet. This is because I believe in the idealistic value of my work or art in general, rather than the materialistic value. I don't want anyone to "own" my work for themselves and I don't want to be depended on making work that sells.

6 years later, I finished my studies, the funding by the government stopped, I have almost zero money and I find myself living in one of the most expensive countries in the world – Switzerland. Now, how is this even possible? The simple answer is: love. Without having a partner, friends and family who truly care about me, I would literally be homeless and not just living without a permanent residency. Also, I'm really proud and thankful to have just above 50 patrons who currently support me with 1€ per month, which covers for around one third of my costs to keep my work online for everyone. Unfortunately, this is by far not enough to make a living and the situation, although self-chosen, despite the uncompromising support of the people around me, is quite precarious to say the least.

Now, here is the thing, I still don't want to sell my work and I don't want to work in any other area than my chosen profession to make a living. I understand that this may sound like a child who simply says "I don't want to" but I hope by now you will understand that there are honest and reasonable thoughts behind this "want".

Still, I need to make a living and I need to be able to make the work that I want to do.

So when I heard about NFTs (A beginner's guide to NFTs) earlier this year, they seemed like the perfect solution. By selling NFTs, I can grant you ownership of my work and make money, while simultaneously the pieces themselves are still available for everyone to see and experience for free. Unfortunately, it's not that simple and it took me the whole year to find the right platform to offer my work and to come up with a strategy. While I still don't have a strategy and it's all trial an error at this point, I think I have found the right platform or at least the right blockchain to use.

Since a couple of days my work is available as NFT via Objkt.com and hicetnunc.art (despite the rumours: it's not dead, it's just in the hands of the community instead of one person now) which both run on the Tezos blockchain.
To further promote my work in this space, I started a Twitter account and began linking to the NFTs from my websites as well.

Currently, you will get the best overview of my listings which are for sale on Objkt.com


As I'm mentioning my website. Marcello Curto once again did his magic to give my website some really cool updates. You might not notice it right away, as it still looks very much the same, but I hope it's more interesting to browse through the website now and maybe even a little more intuitive to use than before. Also, I have an additonal domain name now simonfreund.xyz


Oh – I almost forgot. The header image of this email is my first NFT titled Money Burns (A Hole In My Pocket).

It's a photograph of a burning cigarette filled with shredded fiat from the Deutsche Bundesbank in an ashtray with shredded fiat (paper money) of the same sort. The title is a reference to a song by Dean Martin with the same title.

I think it says a lot about my attitude towards money, as well as the current status of paper money in a digital world.

It's available in an edition of 500 for 0.5 Tezos on hicetnunc.art


What are your thoughts about this? Do you already own any NFTs or are you planning to start a collection or to sell your own? Let me know on Twitter or simply reply to this email – I'm very much looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best and thanks for your ongoing support
Simon πŸ™ƒ
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Simon Freund

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