28.06.2021, Berlin
Simon Freund – two meter sweater, 2015
It's a wrap. After one month in Darmstadt my time as 'Amtsleitung' at the 'Amt für künstlerische Vermessung' is over and I'm on the road again. A big thank you to everyone who stopped by at the Finissage and those who participated in the series which can still be viewed online here.

My next official stop is a one month residency at Villa Jamm in Lahr and the Localize Festival in Potsdam in August.

Now, those of you who follow my work for a while might know that owning my work is not important to me and therefore is one of the reasons why I don't sell my work. However, I sometimes produce and hence own editions of objects, sculptures, prints etc which I try to distribute across the globe and give away to those who value it.

Living without a permanent residency has further contributed to me trying to "get rid of things" and I'm currently looking for a new home for the two meter sweater which I produced with the help of Sebastian Pleus in 2015 and which was modelled for by Luca Aimee.

So – if you're interested in owning the two meter sweater, please send me an email and I'll either ship it to you or you can pick it up in Berlin the coming days.

Have a nice summer

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