23.06.2021, Amt für künstlerische Vermessung, Darmstadt
Roughly one month ago, I started my new position as the head of office (Amtsleitung in German) at the newly founded 'Amt für künstlerische Vermessung' in Darmstadt. An artist residency I successfully applied for by promising that I would portrait 100 people who wear my clothing and vice versa. A continuation of my photo series 'Selbstportrait' from 2018.

Unfortunately, I could not keep my promise. Instead of 100 people I only portrayed 99…

This Saturday, the 26th of June 2021 from 16:00 - 21:00, I would like to present the result and end my time in Darmstadt with a Finissage to which you are cordially invited.

The Finissage is accompanied by Disco Sour who will be playing some tunes on their 'TukTuk Disco' and cold water as usual.

I printed some posters which will be handed out at the Finissage to everyone who participated in the series. I also printed some extra, so if you're interested just let me know at the Finissage or send me an email.

While portraying 99 people in less than one month was quite a challenge it was a lot of fun and I'm very thankful for everyone who participated in the series and for having the opportunity to work and live in Darmstadt for one month.

My ambition is to continue the series in many different places across the universe and I'm hoping to also be wearing your clothes one day. So if you know about any suitable residencies / opportunities – please let me know.

All portraits, the file for the posters as well as the behind the scenes pictures by Paul Jürgens can be downloaded here.

You can also view the whole series online.

On a final note, I wrote a short text about my personal fight against global warming (in German), talked about digitalisation and art (also in German) and there is an interview about my work in the current issue of Sleek Magazine (in English).

Please let me know your thoughts and feel free to share my work with anyone who could be interested.

See you on Saturday

Special thanks to 50 patrons who each support me with 1€ per month to make my work available for free for everyone ❤️ as well as International Music / The Düsseldorf Düsterboys for my first concert since COVID-19 and for giving me a shoutout in their last newsletter – I'm hoping to see them and you at one of their concerts, soon.

I would also like to give another shoutout to Marcello Curto who once again supported me with his programming skills for booking the appointments, Lena Drießen for her ongoing graphic design support, Paul Jürgens for the nice behind the scenes pictures and his beautiful graphic design for AfkV as well as DIESE Kultur e.V. for organising the whole thing and coming up with the idea for the 'Amt für künstlerische Vermessung – AfkV'. The new head of office at AfkV in July is Sarah Metz – I wish you all the best during your time in Darmstadt.

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Video: One Pair Coat | 二人衣 | 2019

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