01.05.2021, Frankfurt-Bahnhofsviertel
Simon Freund, ohne festen Wohnsitz, 2021 – Personalausweis Rückseite mit Adressaufkleber
It's official – last week I had the address on my ID (Personalausweis) updated to 'ohne festen Wohnsitz / without permanent residency' which is also the title of one of my latest works on my new website – programmed by Marcello Curto – of course.

(No, the handwriting is not a joke but yes, I also think it looks funny.)

I don't think I have realised what this really means or better I don't know what this means, as I don't know much about living without a permanent residency or no residency at all. I know what it generally means of course, but I'm just learning about all the things connected to this "decision". "Decision" because I would argue that it's not by choice that I don't have a permanent residency but because I can't afford renting a flat while living the life I want to live by making the work I believe I can contribute to this society.

Maybe you feel the same way but not having a permanent residency is no option for you. I can understand that. Only a few years ago, I moved to Gotha, all by myself, without knowing anyone because I wanted to have a nice home without paying more rent than I could afford. However, this experiment failed for two reasons. First of all, I loved my flat but I didn't use it very much because I'd rather spend my time with my friends in the cities where they live and well, second I also can't afford that flat without the support of the government I received while being a student.

Anyway, what I was saying is that I simply don't know about all the strings attached to a life without a permanent residency and I'm just learning them step by step.

The first problem I ran into was where to put all of my stuff? I sold most of it but not all of it is gone already and some stuff I don't want to let go and some stuff I actually need. Right now I'm storing most of my stuff in the back of the car which my father lends me and the rest is sitting in all possible corners of my friends flat in Frankfurt.

The second problem and that might be the most important one is that even without a residency you need a postal address to take part in form of official life. For example if you wish to open a bank account or to vote or to pay taxes or to earn money and the list goes on… Again, my dear friend in Frankfurt helped me out by letting me send my post to his address.

The third one I don't really want to call a problem but it's something to consider and this is the idea of having a home. I don't have a home and I also feel like I don't have a home. I feel at home at my friends places and I also felt at home during my last residency at barac in Mannheim, but I'm not really at home anymore – I'm always just visiting. It's a little confusing and hard to describe but it's a wired mix out of being free and floating or something.

I first realised this wired feeling when I stopped thinking about where I was when I woke up in the morning a couple of months ago. In the past I would always try to locate myself – now I wake up and I just am. I'm not trying to locate myself in reference to a certain place where I'm at home anymore – I just am at that specific place.

I think it's a feeling you can only experience when in fact you don't have a home.

Of course there's also the questions of where to sleep but I'm very fortunate with my friends who generously have hosted me in the past and I also have already received some very generous offers for when I don't have a place stay at. Of course it's not always easy to be constantly dependent on other people and I feel like I'm also a burden even to the most welcoming host but I guess that's part of the deal. For the most part I really enjoy the company of my hosts and I'm motivated to continue this performance for a few more days, months or years.

The reason I'm writing all of this down is to give you an insight of how a life without a permanent residency can look like and how it feels. Hopefully, I will be able to give even better insights over time. Also, it's an attempt to write down my memories and my emotions (at least roughly) to be able to look back at it later.

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts and your insights or tips and tricks for living without a permanent residency – should you have any – and also feel free to share all of the criticism or questions you might have concerning this project, my work or my life in general.

Good night and happy 1st of May

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