17.04.2022 – Cairo, Egypt
VW Caddy 14D
In one of my last emails, I told you about my new car and that I consider it one of my latest artworks. In this email I would like to present you the new film, with the same title, about this car directed by Max Werdin.

Presenting my work, in this newsletter or elsewhere, is always a very vulnerable process, but presenting myself in moving images and listening to my own voice is just terrible.

So without further due, please sit back and enjoy 8:38 minutes of me driving through Berlin-Brandenburg.

VW Caddy 14D (film)

Simon Freund lives without a permanent residency and is constantly on the road. His car, an old VW Caddy 14D, is not only a means to an end, but also a piece of home.

a Dalibor Tomasevic, The Brainstormclub production

Director: Max Werdin
Camera & Editing: Max Werdin
Colour Grading: Marcus Adam, Scanwerk
Sound: Kai von Glasow

This film is supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds as part of NEUSTART KULTUR.

On a different note: This Orient – a print publication about art and culture in Middle Eastern and North African countries – is currently looking for support to finance their next issue – volume 4. As I'm currently living in Cairo, I only had a little sneak peek into the MENA area, but there's so much to see that you should definitely help them to reach their funding goal.

As all of my work, the film is freely available and I would like to invite you to share it with everyone you know.

A big thank you to everyone who made this film possible and to the 65 patrons who support me with 1€ per months each.

مع السلامة


PS – I actually started learning Arabic here in Cairo and مع السلامة simply means goodbye
click on the image below to play the video
VW Caddy 14D

Simon Freund

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