02.03.2022 – Cairo, Egypt
As I'm writing this email, the sound of the streets of Cairo is …

Sometimes writing these emails is a great please and the content just …

When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with brands. I spent all my money for buying clothes from the brands I admired and it was a dream come true when I could finally register my own fashion brand SIMON&ME at the age of 18. Somewhere along the line, however, I realised the negative impact of the brands I admired and their financial aim in a capitalistic world. I also realised that I started to form an own identity which …

In my last email, I told you that it took me three years until I could realise my work called Apple. My latest work is rather different and I came up with the idea for it just a little less than two months ago on a train ride from Berlin to Geneva. My idea was …

This is how I start every email I'm sending to you. Never sure how I can express what I want to say, I start typing, only to start all over again after the first few sentences. Until my thoughts are painfully extracted from my mind in a form that you might or might not understand. It's a constant struggle and it's the reason why I'm first and foremost express my thoughts visually as an artist.

So let me try again: Here it is, my latest work called Supreme. An edition of 80.000 dog poop bags which are handed out for free over the next few months via three custom dog poop bag dispensers, gifted to me by the company WETZ. To keep the environmental impact as small as possible, I asked thesustainablepeople.com to help me with the production of the dog poop bags.

One dispenser is currently installed at Markthalle Neun in Berlin and another one is installed at the café / bar PLANK! in Frankfurt am Main.
So – one is still left and if you know a good location to install it I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

This work is not only an addition to my ongoing photo series MERCI DANKE GRAZIE but also another comment on our consumer culture, similar to my work Black Friday from 2018.

As always, I would like to ask you to support me and my work by sharing it with your friends, colleagues and family and to consider becoming one of my patrons by financially supporting me with 1€ per month – so I can continue to make work like this, available for free to everyone.

As I'm going to continue to explore the streets of Cairo, I hope you're safe wherever you are.

All the best and take care
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Simon Freund

+49 173 37 42 908


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