14.02.2022 – Berlin-Lichtenberg, Germany
Probably you didn't expect another newsletter so early. Trust me, me neither. However, something really great has happened last week and I was finally able to finish a piece I started thinking about three years ago: Apple

Now, why did it take me so long to finish such a simple piece?

Sometime in 2018, I came across this guy who basically cuts things in half. He also published a book about it and for some reason I stumbled across a promotional video for the book. I was immediately fascinated by the idea of cutting things only by using water and sand.

Two years earlier in 2016, after a two-year investigation, Margrethe Vestager of the European Commission announced: "Ireland granted illegal tax benefits to Apple". Around that time, Apple as a company kind of died for me, realising that they make all this money and they don't even pay taxes.

One lead to the other and suddenly I had this vision of cutting the missing piece of the Apple logo out of Apple products as a symbol for everything Apple kept for themselves – which when you look at is already embodied in the brands logo – the apple with the missing piece.

I asked around and luckily one of my friends had an old first generation iPhone, which died in a beer mug during Oktoberfest many years ago and which he gifted to me. Since then, I have constantly been asking companies with a waterjet cutter if they would help me to realise this idea and they all said: no.

Last week, after three years with this idea in my mind, the Berlin based company wasserstrahlschneiden.berlin finally had mercy with me and said they would give it a try. So I drove there this morning and it's finally done. The vision I once had is out of my mind and part of reality.

This moment when a thought, an idea or a vision becomes reality is why I'm making art. To me, it shows that anything we can think of is possible and keeps me motivated to dream big and never stop.

Please feel free to share this piece with your friends and family and maybe take it as a discussion starter about how companies like Apple are not as great as their products might look.

I'm still working on an Apple laptop and I use my Apple phone every day. I'm part of the problem and I'm aware of that. For now, making problems like this visible in a direct and simple matter is what I can contribute. In the future we might actually be able to change things for the better, together.

Have a great week and thank you for your support

❤️ Pieces like this are only possible because of the people and companies (such as wasserstrahlschneiden.berlin) who believe in the value of my work and who support me with their time, energy and money. Thanks to everyone who contributed to my work and my life so far and the 59 patrons who continue to support me with 1€ per month, each
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